Olive Wood Charcoal CO. LTD is founded in 2008 and located in Sfax City, in southern of  Tunisia.
Our company established in 2008, is a modern enterprise mainly engaged in producing and selling Charcoal products. Our company main products including: fire wood carbon (olive wood and almond wood),olive wood charcoal and almond wood charcoal.
Our company has about 150 employees at present.

For more information about any of our products or other details, please either take a look at our website or contact us directly.We provide the best service for customers needs. Our products sell well in the global markets.

We frankly welcome clients abroad to cooperate with us and to create a more brilliant future hand in hand.

Charcoal utilisation and marketing:

The earliest industrial, use of charcoal, more than four thousand years ago, was as a reductant for iron smelting to change iron oxide into metallic iron. But charcoal was already well known as a high grade smokeless fuel for cooking and domestic heating. With the emergence of industrial society as we know it today in the middle of the nineteenth centry new and expanding uses for charcoal in industry opened up to the charcoal maker at the same time as traditional industrial uses such as iron smelting began to decline with the widespread use of coke from coal as the principal reductant of the iron and steel industry.

Today two distinct markets for charcoal are recognised, the industrial and the domestic ones. Charcoal in some countries is the principal fuel for preparing food. In some others the price has climbed so high that only the wealthy can afford to use it everyday. In industrial countries charcoal is no longer the main domestic cooking fuel but has become a symbol of an affluent lifestyle through its use in leisure activities as a fuel in open-air barbecues for cooking meat.

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